Thursday, January 18, 2018

Eric's visit to our class the other day was actually very eye opening for me. His personal experiences made self publishing/beginning a small business seem accessible. A lot of times when thinking about building a business plan it can be easy to get lost in the pre planning rather than the actual execution. For me personally, it is hard to allow myself to fail so the thought of building a business at first was extremely daunting. The timeline that he showed us as far as the small business sustainability made me think about how when building a new business it doesn't need to be the next Microsoft or the next Starbucks it just needs to serve it's purpose and cater to its audience. It actually might be much easier to deal with a smaller business with less demand than a larger one with copious amounts of product/service demands. The presentation of the income trend line for hourly/salaried workers versus a entrepreneur was very helpful to me as well. I am a visual learner so things like graphs that are mapped out for me to see the trends help me wrap my head around certain concepts. I try not to be solely motivated by money, but watching that line grow exponentially at the end of that line was enticing. Personally, I have decided to change up my business plan to a contract cybersecurity business because this would be an actual plan I could execute by myself rather than needing hefty amounts of funding. Eric's presentation inspired me to explore my passions and see how I can use them to give back and maybe make some money at the same time.  

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

3 Business Ideas

The first of my three business ideas would be an ethical hacking company. My vision is that the company would be contracted by many different varieties of businesses to do network penetration testing or something like attempted SQL injection. Essentially we would test your network vulnerabilities before the bad guys do. To me this would be very interesting because as a service based company you would have very low start up costs. In my mind the biggest obstacle would be getting the trust from a client to allow you to attempt this kind of invasive work. There might also need to be different levels of how much hacking a business want. 

The second idea would be a data recovery business. Not many businesses are in this market because it does require a hefty set of skills. It would be interesting to do both mobile and desktop devices. The initial start up costs for the tools would be a very high number since the companies manufacturing these tools have a near monopoly. I believe the people in this market would be mostly end users and possibly criminal investigation. Taking Mobile Forensics here at UWT we have had the chance to comb through different leaders in the current market.

The last service that would be interesting to me would be a gaming cafe. I am told they already  do this in other countries, but my idea would be similar to old school LAN parties. This time they will have food! People could play together or they could use a small cubicle space and rent it by the hour

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Class expectations

At the end of this quarter I expect to have a good idea of what I would need to start my own business. I previously got my Associates in Business Administration but we learned things like managerial v. financial accounting and contract law. Since Fry is an actual business man I am hoping I can take away the advise from his experiences. I am also very excited to learn from all of the guest speakers that will be stopping by our class. I believe there's really nothing here more valuable than the real world advise and experiences they will be sharing because these are people that are actively in this profession. They are dealing with the really great and really crappy parts all at once. By the end of the course, I plan to know what deliverables, resources, finances and a basic shell of what it means to build a business from scratch. It's interesting because I know how to do a lot of the technical aspects of running a business but I don't really know how it's all supposed to come together. A couple friends and I actually enrolled in this course with hopes to build and perfect a business idea that we thought of together. I am actually very excited to build this business plan because also I love good-looking and well put together documentation. I am hoping that even if I don't actually go out and create my own business I can use these skills within a business to leverage my skills and hopefully help me advance my career. Or at the very least I can wow someone at my next interview